Recon the Label

Recon the Label is a nominated brand that creates modular uniforms. The suit’s design is made so that the wearer can explore their own style with just one uniform. The wearer gets inspired to play with the silhouette by alterable design elements.

Besides this, each collection is constructed with a zero waste design approach and made with donated fabrics. This way, the Recon Suit creates an inclusive, conscious, playful base that never goes out of fashion.

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The reason to use curtains in the first collection comes from the literal meaning of a curtain; a device or agency that conceals or acts as a barrier. In other words, The curtain is a screen that acts as a protection to secure the private. So the fabric has a symbolic reference to the comforting space that is created by a curtain. Leaving a space to be oneself.

This specific collection is called the Bike B&B Brakkeberg collection. Named after the original location of the curtains. Each future collection will be made with donated fabrics from a different location. Displaying them in both the name of the collection and on the garments themselves.

Recon the Label got nominated for the Drempelprijs 2022 within the Autonomous practice.

Receiving not only a nomination but also an honorable mention within the Jury report. Calling Recon: “an ambitious and considered project, executed with a lot of attention to materials.” Besides that, they spoke of Recon as: “an immaculate and rich in reference fashion collection with an emancipatory potential.”