Appearance in a time of a pandemic

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Make-up sales have been declining drastically since the start of the pandemic. This article aims to shine a new light on how women appear in public by looking into the changes in facial appearance during the pandemic.

With a literary approach, the changes of appearance are analyzed through two different perspectives. First through the panopticon theory by Foucault, with a link to the beauty myth. Here the focus will lay on the change within self-monitoring and those effects on appearance by looking into both the digital and physical self.

Secondly, Deleuze and his faciality theory will be used to bring a different perspective upon the appearance of women by looking at make-up as a mask.

The Effects of losing the face as a result of the face mask

In 2020, the world has been on its head due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This had a huge impact on physical human health worldwide. But what are the consequences of the visual result of the pandemic? The loss of the face.

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The opposite of neutral is female

When the system that is judging what is gender-neutral is already male-biased then there are problems with the notion of neutrality.

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